Thinkers Doers Leaders



“No Matter What the World Tells You, Ideas and Words Can Change the World”
– Robin Williams

Every action is first a thought; and every thought has the potential to make lives better. Whether you are a creative thinker, strategist or someone with lots of ideas to bring about a change in our social spaces for the better.

Thinkers are Writers, Strategists, Designers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Researchers working in spaces like designing and conceptualising campaigns, policy papers, research papers, and basically forming the base work for every campaign we take up.


As a Species, We Tend to be Doers, Forever Shaping and Reshaping the World to Better Suit Our Purposes.
– Mariella Frostrup

Doers are the ones who roll up their sleeves, get down on the streets and get the work done. They find value in every interaction, every experience and every person that crosses their path. They enjoy getting down to dirt and are pleased to be the first person that touches lives and sees the gratitude in their eyes.

Doers are operations heads, event managers, on-ground strategists & volunteers and project heads that eventually look at projects reaching to a logical conclusion.


“Great Leaders Do Not Set out to be Leaders. They Set Out to Make a Difference”
– Unknown

While everybody wants to be one, it takes a lot to be a leader.

Leaders do what everyone else refuses to or is too scared to do. They get things done. They are the firefighters, the ones who seek out responsibilities and opportunities to make a difference. A leader must either be a thinker or a doer and preferably, both! Empathy, the ability to work with ideas and mould them in ways that would affect lives. The street-smart ones, the ones who can work with people on ground as well as in the offices.

This is an invitation only category for you must work your way up to being a leader. We invest in our leaders to ensure they have the best of knowledge and opportunities to build on their charisma and efforts to bring about a difference.