Think Tank

Photo Story Project

The Photo Story Project, with a bunch of super talented photographers. It was an exhilarating and humbling experience to witness the lives of strangers in their own land.

Recruiting Interns

They see beauty in chaos and they imagine, as beautifully in the fog as in the sunshine. They can look at the world like no one else does, and have the knack to put on display ‘that world’ for others to see via many creative mediums. If exploring the depths of your creativity, experimenting with different genres and creating ideas that have the potential to bring about the desired change, is something that interests you…we have just the right platform. We’re building a creative “think tank” to ideate, implement and execute on various social cause in an onground and the digital space. If you’re a writer, designer, strategist, techie or just someone who has passionate ideas that have the potential to be implemented… If you can design beyond “bigger logos”, write beyond “SEO Content” and research beyond “Google”, we’re waiting to listen to your ideas.

Photo Walk

So here’s about a fun morning with a bunch of some very enthusiastic and talented photographers! Thanks Gaurav Schimar for being our mentor today! Photo Contributions by Jatin Mangal Dipra Jain Khusi Sinha Harshit Chawla Abhinav Mundra Gourav Rathi and Sushmita Panda