Bridge The Gap

Bridge The Gap

Like many successful campaigns, Bridge the Gap attempts to address an issue that is for all to see and yet has evaded us all for a solution.

Bridge the gap is an initiative to bring our youth closer to the aged – while one can find a lifelong mentor, the other can find a lifelong companion. The aged carry a world of wisdom that no books can teach. The youth on the other hand have the energy and enthusiasm that is unmatched. A lot can happen and a lot can change with an interaction between the two over a cup of coffee/tea.

We invite the young to be involved with the aged and spend some quality time listening to the magically woven stories and first-hand experiences of the aged and gain in wisdom and experience. We promise you a loving and enlightening experience.

Upcoming Event Bridge The Gap

As one group lives in reminiscence of the years bygone and the other as they plan a future ahead, a platform to talk about these issues is sure to help each without the fear of being judged.

At Astaabrata India Foundation, it is our endeavour to bring our youth closer and face to face with certain social realities that need your attention. Old age Is one such reality. While old age comes with a plethora of experience, stories and wisdom; it sometimes also comes with isolation, loneliness, dejection, depression and most of all, a sense of no purpose.


We invite you to be that purpose.


Where: We’re launching this program in Delhi. If you’d like to take up this initiative in any other state please write to us at


What’s the plan?

Bridge the Gap initiative brings together the aged and the young on a platform to discuss their visions of the past, the present and the future through various creative mediums. From storytelling sessions, jugalbandis, music, skits, to film screenings and luncheons – we’re making this experience sharing as creative as it gets. Guided by the very talented project heads, Ms. Abha Kohli (Psychologist) and Ms. Carole Paul (a Special Educator by training), we’re adding to this repertoire of events with every step.


Team: Bridge the Gap Project is being headed by the two very enthusiastic, warm and passionate ladies.

  1. Abha Kohli (Child and Adolescent Counsellor)

MS Abha KohliA trained counsellor with over 10 years of experience in counselling children and young adults in the age group of 2-18 years in some of the leading schools in the city.  Her expertise lays in working with small children using Play Therapy as a medium to enter their world and understand the various dynamics at play which may be impacting the child.

Also, trained to work with children and young adults with special needs Ms. Abha ran a 3-year pilot project to train 6 young adults with special needs on independent living skills.

  1. Carole Paul

Carole PaulCarole Paul, a Special Educator with a Masters’ Degree in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies, University of London, UK, before which she trained and worked at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata.  She has spent 25 years working with persons with special needs from early childhood to adulthood. Her experience includes working with new born babies with developmental delays, school going children with learning disabilities and young adults on vocational training programmes.

Carole co-founded an organisation “SAIL Charitable Trust” to address the needs for Independent Living Skills in young adults with disabilities to build their capacity to live independently, away from their families.

How can you be part of Bridge the Gap Initiative?

1. Volunteer/ Intern: We are looking for volunteers to help archive and execute such events: On-ground volunteers, Operations, HR, Strategy, Creative, Writers, Event Managers etc. Interested?

Click in to fill in the form and we’d get in touch with you!

2. Suggest and refer: Whether you refer us to your friends who’d like to be part of this or suggest old age homes or orphanages we can take this project to – we thank you in advance for doing so.

3. Donate: whether you donate time, ideas, money, goods that we can pass on to these people or use at our events, you’re always welcome.

4. Cheer us on and spread the word: The more joy you spread, the more of it finds its way back to you. Sooner or later, we would love to see you at one of our events. However, if you’re currently pressed for time, it would be great if you could simply spread the word about this via the various social platforms. If this interested you, we’re sure it would interest others who can be part of this on ground.