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The problems that plague us today – from Gender Inequality to Unemployment and Environmental to Poverty and Education –are interconnected, complex and urgent. At Astaabrata India Foundation, we ask what can we do to solve them?

The problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them, Einstein had once said. Definitely not with ignorance. What we need is a new outlook, a new resolve and a new generation – to look at them with a different perspective – and ask the very same question – what can we do to solve this? These approaches need to bring together the novel alliances between the present and future leaders – between the authorities and a people – to look at the current world in new light. That is why we bring a multi-disciplinary approach to advancing in public interest.

All solutions, however, have a fountainhead – Our future leaders. Our future leaders are students, young men and women, who acknowledge these issues, are keen on learning, and passionate to change and bring about a transformation in the world as we see it.

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Think Tank Idea Incubator

Empowering Youth

Think tank India is an idea incubator that looks at harnessing the ideas and potentials of our youth towards the various issues that plague us as a country and towards finding solutions for the same. In the various focus group discussions, seminars and workshops we identify problem areas, brainstorm and come up with solutions to take corrective measures on-ground. The corrective measures can range from carrying out creative campaigns to preparing effective policy papers. All discussions are supervised and driven by industry experts and stalwarts the topic.

Design is not how it looks, it’s how it works.

Steven Spielberg

Empowering Organisations

This is an initiative by Astaabrata India Foundation that aims at propelling student organisations, NGOs or a start-up that endeavours to make a difference. We are empowering organisations by making relevant experience and expertise available. We design concepts, strategies and communications for organisations working in social spaces and public interest to affect maximum impact of your idea.

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Empowering Communities

No matter what the social issue be – from domestic violence, health and sanitation to environmental issues and inadequate emergency services – In defining the needs and priorities, the importance of the community, rather than an outside organizer, cannot be undermined. However, the need for an initial and continuing community diagnosis and assessment to identify and build on community strengths and resources is essential to look at existing issues with a new perspective. The communities may be segregated by geography, ideology or construct – and while the issues that concern us all may be similar, the solution owing to their normative lineage almost always differ.

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